ERG Strategic Consulting

We believe that companies perform better when they are able to fully utilize the uniquely valuable perspective of each person on staff. VisionSpring specializes in helping organizations foster high-performing Employee Resource Groups that are well aligned with business goals. We leverage our ERG High-Impact Model to drive business alignment in four key areas: people – productivity – profitability – community. We partner with D&I teams or can work one-on-one with individual ERGs to craft the ERG value proposition, establish the ERG charter, re-engage inactive ERGs, create sustainable infrastructure, and connect ERG strategies and activities to specific business outcomes.

Our consulting services include:

  • ERG launch strategy
  • ERG annual business planning and execution
  • ERG leader selection, role clarity, and coaching
  • Executive sponsor engagement
  • ERG business alignment program development and execution
  • ERG leader development
  • Creation of ERG governance model/ERG handbook
  • Facilitating cross-ERG collaboration