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Launched in 2013, VisionSpring’s Inclusion Learning Loop™ is a member-based learning community that gives your entire company access to an extensive library of D&I resources. Unlike other learning communities, the Inclusion Learning LoopTM also offers our members ongoing D&I consulting services and a vibrant, collaborative community committed to sharing thought leadership in the interest of achieving common goals.

To effectively integrate diversity into key business functions and truly leverage difference, organizations must equip leaders throughout the organization with effective tools and resources. Learning and development must be ongoing, effective, and linked to business goals to create sustainable benefit. But in most companies these days, internal resources are lean and budget dollars are scarce. We built the Inclusion Learning Loop TM to be a cost-effective solution that enables organizations to sustain momentum and keep D&I an organization-wide priority all year long.

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Our learning community gives your entire company access to an extensive library of D&I resources, a network of peer thought leaders, and expert D&I consulting services.

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